Widzałeś/aś już warzywa zbogacanie w witaminy, kwiaty o „poprawionej estetyce” czy masz już może nowy nos?
Ciekawy temat, o tym, jak chcemy konkurować z przyrodą i kusić „aromatami identycznymi z naturalnymi”. Polecam :)
Właśnie jestem w trakcie czytania nextnature.net

A Perspective Study

These foods are engaging in something like natural selection, competing against one another for the consumer’s attention. This new industrialized ecology can be considered a “Next Nature,” a newly forming system of life cycles and evolution that is just as natural, unpredictable and brutal as what we perceive “untouched” or “old nature” to be.

Thanks to packaging, marketing, and all-natural flavors, food technology has differentiated one crop–corn–into a cornucopia of different foods. A select few species of plants and animals, and all their thousands of derivative products sold at the supermarket have proven themselves to be among the most fit–for human appeal, that is.

For more information on Next Nature concepts such as hypernature, manufactured animals, and anthropomorphobia, visit this great site exploring our ideas about the „natural” world, and how we help facilitate the evolution of nature.

Spot your own evidence of Next Nature with this free…

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